Freighter Travel Guide

If you are new to freighter travel, this is a brief guide to explain some of the basic facts. You may find it useful to read these pages before contacting an agent.

Ship Types
The different types of passenger freighters.

The Costs of Freighter Travel
A guide to fares, port taxes & insurance.

History of Freighter Travel
How did passenger freighter travel develop?

World Ports
A guide to container ports worldwide.

Taking Pets Onboard
Sadly, this is pretty much impossible by freighter, but there is one transatlantic service for pet owners if you are happy to travel by cruise ship.

Freighter Travel Books
Read about voyages that other people have taken.

Freighter Travel Websites
Further freighter travel links.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q's)
A brief rundown of all the most commonly asked questions.
The best place to start if you are new to freighter travel!