Taking Pets

Many people who are taking a freighter voyage as part of a long term stay abroad, or a permanent relocation, ask about the possibility of taking their pet with them.

For animal lovers, this would certainly be a dream solution to their relocation problems, but sadly I believe it is now impossible. Freighter shipping lines will not allow pets to stay in a passengers cabin, or anywhere else onboard ship.

At various times in the past, I have heard about possible exceptions to this rule - CMA shipping lines were supposedly taking accompanied pets on their voyage from France to the French Antillies, in the Caribbean - and the Costa Container Lines service connecting Halifax, Nova Scotia with Spain & Italy were also taking pets, according to a contact of mine.

I must stress that I have no further details on this, you will need to contact an agent to check if these services are still running - but please don't get your hopes up, I have a feeling that these services are no longer taking pets.

QM2 Transatlantic Service

As far as I am aware, there is currently only one serious option available for pet owners, but it's by regular cruise ship rather than by freighter - the Cunard liner QM2 has a kennel deck which will take small animals on their regular transatlantic service.

I don't have any detailed info on this, but I believe that the number of kennels are limited and certain requirements apply - early booking is advisable.