Passenger Bookings

We have teamed up with Hamish Jamieson at FreighterTravel (NZ), based in Napier, New Zealand, who have a register of almost every passenger carrying cargo ship in the world and provide a worldwide booking service for freighter ship cruises.

Due to Covid there are no passenger bookings for 2022

It's possible that bookings MAY resume at some point in 2023, but it could be even longer.

You may use the form below simply to register an interest in booking. Hamish won't reply now, but he may contact you in the future, once the shipping lines return to normal.


Hamish Jamieson
FreighterTravel NZ, 248 Kennedy Road, Napier, New Zealand.

New To Freighter Travel?

If you are new to freighter travel, please read our FAQ before using this form. This will cover a lot of questions that freighter agents are asked all the time, such as ...

Please note that freighter cruises are NOT a cheap alternative to flying - a voyage by freighter will be a lot more expensive than an air ticket - they are just a different type of cruise vacation and priced at about the same level.

The Booking Process

This brief guide to the booking process was written by Hamish, to explain exactly what happens after you have decided to take a voyage on a freighter ...

  1. You tell me that you want to book.
  2. I get an offer from the relevant shipping company and make it to you.
  3. Usually the shipping company will allow you an "option" of one week - during this time they will not offer the cabin to anyone else.
  4. If you want to accept the offer you must complete a Passenger Questionnaire and a Passenger Declaration and pay a deposit of 25% of the fare.
  5. Usually 45 days before the ship sails, you will be asked to provide a copy of the photo page of your passport, copy of the required visas (if any are needed we will advise you), proof that you have travel insurance (it's absolutely vital that you are insured) and the final balance of the fare.
  6. We will always try to advise you of the visa, passport and vaccination requirements for any particular voyage - BUT you are expected to do your own research and make your own decisions. WE cannot be responsible for visas as each country has differing requirements for different nationalities.
  7. Two weeks to ten days before the ship sails we will send you a ticket and joining Instructions. This is sometimes a little "casual" to the 1st time sailor, but be advised that a lot of communication between Customs and Immigration goes on behind the scenes, by us, to ensure a smooth and hassle free embarkation. NO X-rays of shoes, no extended body and luggage searches, no queues, and no crowds of grumpy people for freighter travel passengers - unless you have something to hide of course :-)

It's our job to make things easy - you are always welcome to ask any questions whatsoever - we are here to help and make your voyage pleasant & hassle free.

Booking Form

Completing this form is simply a request for more detailed information concerning the voyage you are interested in - you are not obligated to make a booking at this stage.

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Preferred Port of Departure
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To send your booking request, please click the button below ONLY ONCE to avoid sending multiple messages. A confirmation screen will be displayed to verify that your message has been posted, but it may sometimes take up to 20-30 seconds to appear. Thank you.

(Please allow the agent at least 2-3 days to send a reply - it can often take that long for them to get information from the shipping lines regarding cabin availability etc.)

Booking Form Information

It is not necessary to book with an agent located within your own country. The entire booking process can take place via telephone, email or fax etc - there will be no need to visit the booking office personally. applies no surcharge to the prices quoted by agents - booking via this form will cost exactly the same as contacting the agent direct.

The email address and other contact details submitted with this form will only be used by the agent to respond to your booking request. You will not be added to any mailing lists.