Freighter Voyages

This section of the website features first hand accounts of passenger freighter voyages from around the world.

Freighter Bum
In October 1999, Judd Spittler escaped the grips of land for a two week Caribbean freighter cruise aboard the 491 ft. German container vessel "Katrin S". Judd's website superbly documents every aspect of the trip with a comprehensive gallery of digital photography.

Ellis Melton
The Punjab Senator is a 63,000 DWT containership on an 84 day round trip that connect the West Coast USA to Europe, via the Far East - Ellis Melton joins the voyage for its final leg - a short 10 day journey across the Pacific, from Tokyo to Long Beach.

Felixstowe to Long Beach
Extensive and highly detailed Blog written by Peter Kaye, detailing his 38 day voyage onboard the MS Penang Senator, departing from Felixstowe (UK) and heading to the US West Coast via Suez, Singapore and the Far East. (Photo Dennis Shum)

Planning Your Trip?

You can book freighter cruises with one of the agencies listed on our booking page. They will provide you with full details of freighter schedules and prices.