The Northern route across the Pacific connects ports on the West coast of the USA and Canada, such as San Diego (California), Los Angeles (California), San Francisco (California), Portland (Oregon), Seattle (Washington), Vancouver (British Columbia) with ports in the Far East, such as Tokyo (Japan), Shanghai (China), Pusan (South Korea), Hong Kong (China), Keelung (Taiwan) and Singapore. Ships on this Northern route do NOT call at Hawaii, they travel non-stop across the Pacific.

The Southern route across the Pacific, connects ports on the West coast of the USA and Canada (as described above) with ports in New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania, such as Auckland (New Zealand), Christchurch (New Zealand), Wellington (New Zealand), Sydney (Australia), Brisbane (Australia), Melbourne (Australia), Adelaide (Australia) and Hobart (Tasmania). Most ships on this Southern route travel non-stop across the Pacific, but some services have ports of call in the Pacific Islands, such as Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa.

If you live on the East coast of the USA and don't wish to depart from the West coast, there are a number of transpacific services that depart from East coast and Gulf coast ports, via the Panama Canal to both the Far East and Australia/New Zealand.

Voyage Durations

On the Northern route, the shortest transpacific voyage (direct from a West coast port to a port in Japan) would be around 14 days. Longer voyages to Hong Kong and Singapore could be around 18-25 days depending on the number of ports you are stopping at en route.

On the Southern route, voyages from the USA to New Zealand would be around 16-18 days. From the USA to East coast Australia would be around 20-24 days. Both of these estimates are based on a non-stop voyage without ports of call in the South Pacific islands, in which case it would obviously be longer.

Approximate Fares

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