Travel by freighter ship is not quite as flexible as hopping on an aircraft, where there are thousands of airports located in every country in the world. On an aircraft, you can pretty much travel from anywhere to anywhere, but freighter ships tend to travel in well defined routes, determined by international commerce. If you want to travel outside these main routes, things get very tricky indeed, or next to impossible.

So this is an approximate guide to the main shipping routes of the world. Probably 99% of the passenger carrying services will operate within these main shipping routes, and you will have no trouble finding a ship if you plan to travel in these areas.

The passenger services offered by the shipping lines will often change, with new routes opening up and existing routes closing down for various reasons, so there is no attempt here to list specific details of each individual passenger service available, with the exact ports of call etc. For specific details like that, you will need to contact a freighter travel agent, which you can do on our Passenger Bookings page.

Main Passenger Freighter Routes

Around The World
Routes around the world, both Eastbound and Westbound

Europe - Australia/New Zealand
Routes connecting Europe to Australia and New zealand

Routes connecting the USA and Canada with Europe.

Routes connecting the USA and Canada with the Far East, Australia and New Zealand